Our mission

We’re using science, engineering and design to help people
who take insulin make the best possible decisions.

Personalised learning

Your need for insulin is affected by many factors, most of which aren’t scientifically proven. Quin accounts for them as it learns about you.

Quick decisions

You need to find insulin doses that match your lifestyle several times a day. Quin recalls your best past decisions.

New science

With every decision you make, you create new knowledge. We turn it into new science to help other people and progress research.


thoughts & stories

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Help us create an insulin management tool that works for you.


Guys, the app has been invaluable to me today! I accidentally injected nearly 50% more background insulin than I usually do. Just got my notification to say the rogue dose is nearly gone and I can finally breathe a sigh of relief!”

“I do kind of like that you’ve flipped it to lead with the dosing part of diabetes, as opposed to other apps that lead with BG readings, which seems kind of reactive.”

“My favourite thing about your app is that it has something that the others don’t take into account, which is when my insulin is at its peak.”

The current treatment for diabetes is not working

The scientific understanding of any chronic condition is incomplete. Incomplete science means incomplete treatment, which means humans must create their own self-care knowledge to fill the gaps.

decisions a day

People who take insulin are 2-3 times more likely to suffer from fatigue, anxiety, stress and depression.

percent of people

who take insulin find it difficult to achieve the recommended target blood glucose levels, no matter how hard they try.