It’s time for a breakthrough.

One hundred years after the discovery of insulin, no one yet knows exactly how much insulin to take, or exactly when to take it. The knowledge and experience of people who take insulin are the stepping stones that will lead the way to unlock more personalised solutions for insulin-treated diabetes.

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People who take insulin are 2-3 times more likely to suffer from fatigue, anxiety, stress and depression.

percent of people

who take insulin achieve the recommended target blood glucose levels no matter how hard they try.

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By using our app every day and sharing your feedback, you will help us automate as much of your decision-making as possible and be a part of co-creating new knowledge to drive more personalised solutions for insulin-treated diabetes.


Guys, the app has been invaluable to me today! I accidentally injected nearly 50% more background insulin than I usually do. Just got my notification to say the rogue dose is nearly gone and I can finally breathe a sigh of relief!”

“I am loving having even more control and being able to see the effects of my insulin which I’ve never had before over the past 50 years. Helping me make better decisions.”

“I would love to contribute more… I am very impressed with your app as having insulin info available anytime is so helpful in making decisions…”

“I would like to help in any way possible as I’ve already used your app to make well-informed decisions about corrective dosages/long-acting dosage.”


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