Your trial and error carries valuable information

Previously unseen insights

Quin is built on your unique experience as well as the existing medical knowledge. We’re structuring the data we collect to create previously unseen, personalised insights into your diabetes management.

It’s time for a breakthrough

The science of diabetes is incomplete. Those who take insulin fill the gaps with their own trial and error and diabetes technology. No one yet knows exactly how much insulin to take or when to take it. We believe the knowledge and experience of people who take insulin are stepping stones to unlocking more personalised solutions for insulin-treated diabetes.

percent of people who take insulin

don't achieve the recommended target blood glucose levels no matter how hard they try.

times more likely to experience

fatigue, anxiety, stress and depression, leading to "diabetes burnout".

Early Access

To download the Quin app, you need to join our App Research Programme.

Hundreds of people with diabetes are driving Quin’s development. They use our app every day and share their feedback to help us provide them with more personalised insulin dosing guidance.


Since using Quin my HbA1c has gone down from 7% to 6.5%. It’s all thanks to Quin. If you take Quin away it means I’d fall “5 steps back” in my diabetes management


Quin is a game-changer. My HbA1c has gone down from 6.5% to 6.3% since I started using it. It’s a confidence booster.


Quin’s unique selling point is the timing factor. I really hope Quin gets to the next level and provides much more feedback. I’m still making my own decisions and hope Quin can eventually take that away.



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