Ayuda Heuristics becomes Quin

December 7, 2018

4 years ago, we started Ayuda Heuristics.

Our ambition was to federate a community of people living with diabetes and – together – try to “solve” a big problem.

Today our challenge is to live up to our initial ambition and go beyond. We aim to to use science, engineering and design to help people who take insulin make the best possible decisions.

Starting with an app, we’re planning to lead the way in turning their massive expertise and personal experience into science that will help close gaps in understanding about what diabetes is and what causes it.It is with great emotion that we now present you our new name: Ayuda Heuristics is now Quin.


Quin makes sense for many reasons. It’s short and easy to remember. It sounds good in all languages. It’s a nod to what our customers are doing all day everyday: quantifying their intuition to decide how much insulin to take, how many grams of carbs to eat, how long to wait before they check their blood glucose again, etc.


With Quin, we can now carry our vision internationally. Thus we will continue our journey to expand our community, and turn human experience into science. You are our core source of inspiration and we want to celebrate this great moment with you.


Thank you for your support so far.


The Quin Team

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