Quin’s top 3 diabetes books

December 12, 2018

The team at Quin is diverse. Some of us live with diabetes and some don’t. The way we learn about each other and diabetes internally is through sharing experiences and engaging with the people participating in our research programme. We think reading is also fundamental to better understand diabetes.

Before the year ends, we wanted to share our top 3 best diabetes books. It’s for anyone who wants to learn more about diabetes, was recently diagnosed or that wants to broaden their diabetes management knowledge. Why not use that extra time during the holidays to catch up on some of – what we think – are the best diabetes books out there? Why not offer them to someone you know might need them or appreciate the gesture?

Our favourite diabetes books

It was too hard to choose our top 3 diabetes books as there are just too many to brilliant ones. The ones below are those closest to our hearts.


Think Like a pancreas – Gary Scheiner

Quin_diabetes_books_think like a pancreasOur founder Isabella thinks it’s “THE guide on how to use a insulin pump – so if you don’t get private training like I did – that is the only book that is going to make you understand what you meant to be doing.”

When it comes to diabetes management, “Think Like a Pancreas” is probably one of the most practical and accessible book about diabetes. It covers the essentials and as Isabella said, “isn’t super dogmatic”.



Bright Spots & Landmines – Adam Brown

Quin_diabetes_books_Bright-spots-and-landminesWhat makes Adam Brown’s book compelling is the fact he’s sharing his own personal experience. It’s inspiring and contains years of lessons learned with practical tips you can immediately apply in your own life with diabetes. His positive energy emanates through his writing and he aims to provide tools to help readers focus on the daily diabetes decisions that matter the most by tackling topics like mindset and sleep patterns.



Sugar Surfing – Stephen W. Ponder and Kevin L. McMahon

Quin_diabetes_books_sugar surfingIntriguingly the concept of sugar surfing goes beyond what health care providers recommend to people living with diabetes. This book advocates the concept of personalisation in diabetes management, and focuses on dynamic diabetes management by practicing more experimentation. Dr. Ponder is an endocrinologist that lives with diabetes himself, so he gets it! In the book he guides you through the understanding of how diabetes technology can improve diabetes self-care and self-management. It’s THE book for CGM or pump users, looking for diabetes inspiration.


We’re always on the look-out for new science, reports and reading material so feel free to share your good diabetes reads with us.

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