When you don’t remember, Quin does!

December 26, 2018

Do you adjust your insulin treatment for the festive season? This is a question we asked our diabetes network this Christmas.

Although the Quin app is still in testing phase, Quin could have be useful this Christmas. Our brains are remarkable machines. Yet remembering how much insulin you took for stuffing and glazed ham last year – let alone a few years before that – could seem virtually impossible.

Some of our research programme participants had logged their Christmas dinner last year. If they were planning on having the same delicious brussels sprouts, pudding or mince pies around the same time of the day, they could technically check how much insulin they took back then. They could then decide to either tweak the dosage if needed or take the same.

That’s how our Christmas campaign was born. By actually looking at what you might need help with at a time when all you want to do is have fun and not worry about diabetes.

We ran Facebook and Instagram campaigns to raise awareness about Quin and they were a success. Loads of people gave their 0.2 cents on how they deal with Christmas and as expected everyone deals with their insulin treatment differently.

So, if you’re currently using our app you technically should have been able to use the insulin treatment decisions you made last Christmas as a base and adjust these same decisions this Christmas, provided you had logged it and ate something similar.

This is just a start. We can make Quin even smarter if more people join our research and use the app. If you’re not yet signed up to our programme, join now.

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