What people living with diabetes need you to know

January 12, 2019

When chatting with people living with diabetes, they seem to experience a commonly shared frustration: the idea that everyone else knows more about them, their condition and how to handle it than they do themselves. In daily interactions, the “you should to do this” and strings of judgmental “recipes for success” that follow – regardless of whether these people have diabetes or not – can feel alienating and impacts them daily. So we embarked on a journey of actually asking people living with insulin-treated diabetes what they need. Just as expected, they told us they want to live their lives. Just like you and I. Diabetes is a condition. It can be all consuming at times – there’s no denying that – but it is only just a part of what their experience is.

Timing the campaign

We wanted to run the campaign on World Diabetes Day about the needs that emerged from our conversations. It felt like the right time and initially when discussing it with the team, it seemed appropriate. We dug deeper. The emotions attached to the day were polarised. The perception about World Diabetes Day among our team is that it’s the occasion used by everyone in the diabetes ecosystem to make big announcements, capitalise on everyone’s attention being focused on Diabetes and it felt way to opportunistic to launch on that day. We’d be using that day to self-gratify ourselves at the detriment of people that manage their condition daily, not just on the 14th November.

Developing the message

Instead, we reached out to Rob from diabeticdadruns.com, Chris grumpypumper.wordpress.com and Dan t1ddan.wordpress.com to ask them whether they’d lend their voice to share make an appeal to a new approach when treating diabetes . They said yes and we were ecstatic to work with people who are already using their voice to share their experience.

We chose the statements we felt were the most powerful and co-created an amazing call to action for everyone in the diabetes ecosystem. Our message is to urge everyone – doctors, nurses, healthcare providers and policy makers – to adopt a people centric approach and help us unlock “new science” and groundbreaking innovation in the diabetes space.

Below is the video we created:

If you want to be involved in the movement we’re creating, we’re currently running a research programme to help us refine the way Quin considers all the different events that may be impacting glucose levels.

Discover the Quin Research programme and don’t hesitate to get in touch for more information.

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