Our team and why we’re the right people

March 16, 2020


There are consultants out there paid to tell you that there’s a secret sauce when it comes to building your A-team. Only a few of them would be able to get beneath the surface and tell you what good looks like because there is really no right answer. We can however, give you a glimpse of what works for us. 

There are of course intangible factors such as your gut feeling and perhaps first impressions and hundreds and thousands of blogs and articles that talk you through various things to look out for when you build your own process towards this. However, when you’re building a team whose overall goal will have a positive impact on millions of people, there’s more to it. We’re a team of 13 at Quin. Built by taking pride in hiring for potential and creating an environment that shows love.

Superstars are not born superstars. They train, learn their craft meticulously and show up to be present. Quin gives them that opportunity. 


We have three core values: be excellent, find truth and show love. These values empower us to roll up our sleeves and get things done no matter our level of experience in the field. When you have whole-hearted values like we do at Quin, the first step towards being excellent is to have an environment where the team can feel self-expressed, deliver what they think is right and have the space to have constructive discussions. After all, we’re all human and whilst we mostly have good days having the space to be comfortable to bring up otherwise difficult things has a positive after effect especially when it comes to the Quin journey they’re on.

Our team is made up of various dynamics in-between roles and personality types: from storytellers, to engineers, to heads of departments but we see a lot of each other. Our engineers collaborate with our storytellers and we get together even at 9am in our standup meetings as we plan our days. 


So, in addition to the determination and humility that is at the core of our team we like tackling new problems by brainstorming and bribing each other with snacks and exotic teas. There are bundles of opportunities to get stuck in and at Quin, the secret sauce really comes down to being human-centered in our approach as we brought together a bunch of otherwise random people to deliver such a game-changing product.

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