Who are we?

A team dedicated to helping people with diabetes achieve better health outcomes and have a better quality of life.

Why Quin?

We want to create technology to redefine the diabetes management experience through a more holistic approach. Technology is everywhere in diabetes, yet people still experience a 92% failure to achieve targets and have an increased exposure to serious mental health issues. We want to change that.

What does Quin stand for?

Quin is a portmanteau for Quantifying Intuition. Something people who take insulin do several times a day, every day.

Our mission

We’re using science, engineering and design to help people who take insulin make the best possible decisions.

Our vision

We leverage human experience to develop new technologies and knowledge and give power to people living with chronic conditions, starting with diabetes.

Our values

Be Excellent; Find Truth; Show Love. We try to incorporate these in everyday actions both inside and outside of Quin .

Our approach

We believe diabetes is an umbrella term for chronic high blood glucose. Our technology is built on the premise that your past is the best indicator of your future.


Our biggest achievements to date


We’ve got a strong, proven team dedicated to improving the day to day lives of people living with diabetes.

Cyndi Williams


Chris Socha

Senior Software Engineer

Melissa Marshall

Senior Software Engineer

Vanessa Bolosier

Head of Marketing

Arash Pessian

Senior Software Engineer

Duncan Mortimer

Machine Learning Engineer

Sapphire Samiullah

Product Marketer

Liam Mitchell

Product Designer

Esme Shanley

Head of Operations

Siobhan Wynter

Product Designer

Barry Rogers

Head of Product

Justine Yuen

Creative Content Producer

Our Boards

Our board members each have vast experience and a strong passion for making life with diabetes easier through technology.

Executive Board

The members of our executive board are Johanna Waterous a partner at McKinsey for 23 years that has lived with type 1 diabetes for decades, Markku Koppinen, former COO at Auto Trader and a senior executive at Nokia, and John Lister, former GM of Dexcom EMEA who took them through an IPO and from zero to $1B in revenues.

Clinical Advisory Board

On our Clinical Advisory Board we have three highly respected diabetologists, including Professor Jeremy Turner and Dr. Sankalpa Neupane from Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals, and Dr. Nicola Neary from St. George’s University Hospitals.

We would love to welcome you on our team.

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