We turn daily life experience into new diabetes knowledge

to help people decide how much insulin to take and when.

Our mission

We’re using science, engineering and design to help people who take insulin make the best possible decisions.

Personalised guidance

Quin observes and learns about your unique experience and guides you to take insulin based on your personal history of trial and error.

Relevant insights

When you need to find insulin doses that match your lifestyle, Quin shows you those that are most relevant based on several factors.

Diabetes breakthroughs

With every decision you make, you create new knowledge. We structure the data collected to create previously unseen insights.

Why Quin

Isabella, CTO and Founder of Quin has been living with diabetes and taking insulin for 26 years. As a robotics engineer, she has been making machines do the things people don’t want to do for years, and this is a problem she's always wanted to give to a machine. That’s why she and Cyndi founded Quin 5 years ago.

We believe it's time to the technology we currently have available to solve this major health problem.

Quin is a portmanteau for Quantifying Intuition. Something people who take insulin do several times a day, every day.

What we do

We have a multi-factorial approach to managing insulin doses. So many things affect blood glucose levels: activity, stress, menstruation, lack of sleep etc. There’s no medical advice for how to manage these things so people who take insulin have to figure it out on their own by making hundreds of decisions a day.

Quin is building an app that combines daily life experience with data from diabetes devices and phones, and helps people decide how much insulin to take and when.

With large measures of empathy and ingenuity, we can create previously unseen insights into why blood glucose fluctuates so much and inspire new approaches to treatment and research. Together.

The Team

Cyndi Williams
Founder, CEO
Isabella Degen
Founder, CTO
Vyvyan Codd
Software Engineer
Nelia Kleiven
Product Designer
Vanessa Bolosier
Head of Marketing
Chris Socha
Senior Software Engineer
Esme Shanley
Head of Delivery & Operations
Melissa Marshall
Senior Software Engineer
Arash Pessian
Senior Software Engineer
Ashley Rolfmore
Product Owner
Barry Rogers
Head of Product
Justine Yuen
Creative Content Producer