We are Quin.

You can question why we help people with chronic conditions live on their terms, or you can help us do it. The choice is yours.

Meet the team

Championing truth for the people we serve is what gets us out of bed. We strive to bring a fresh perspective, to challenge the norms, and empower those with chronic conditions. Not play by the rules.

Solving real problems

We’re humble enough to know we will never stop learning, informed enough to know tech isn’t the whole solution and are confident enough to know our products will improve lives.

We were born of a quest for truth

We set out asking a simple question: how can we serve the unmet needs of the people with chronic conditions when they’re away from their doctor and living daily life.

Our mission

Opening up the possibilities for life with a chronic condition.

Our approach

Bolstering the experiences of people with chronic conditions over industry generics.

Our purpose

Empowering people with chronic conditions to live on their own terms.

Our values

Caring deeply about people, challenging the status quo and pursuing everything we do with the highest level of rigour.

Our achievements
5 million USD raised
20000 Research applicants
16 Team members

What our users say

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Help us open up the possibilities for life with a chronic condition.