So many things affect blood glucose levels

Activity, stress, menstruation, lack of sleep. There’s no medical advice for how to manage these factors so people living with diabetes have to figure it out on their own by making hundreds of decisions a day.

Your trial and error carries valuable information

Our machine learning algorithms are built on the unique knowledge and experience of each individual as well as the existing medical knowledge.

We’re structuring the data we collect to create previously unseen insights into why blood glucose fluctuates so much. And then using those insights to expand diabetes science for more personalised medicine.

percent of people

report feeling more confident, relaxed and/or find diabetes life easier since using the app

percent of people

who have used the app have reported a drop in their average blood glucose levels.

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Our app is a regulated medical device with a class I CE Mark, and we have 2 patents pending. Hundreds of people living with diabetes have been driving the development of our app for the past 2.5 years. We’ve got users from the UK, Ireland, Scandinavia and all across Europe.

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