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A diabetes app with a new approach to personalised insulin management

Quin is a diabetes app built on the understanding that you’re in the best position to make treatment decisions and see how they affect you and your lifestyle.

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What does our diabetes management app do?

Quin learns from your daily treatment decisions to provide personalised support on insulin dosing and some of the other factors that affect your blood sugar levels. Our free app empowers you to confidently adjust how you take insulin 24/7 to fit your personal needs.

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Explore Quin’s Features

New diabetes app. New approach.

The insulin tracking screen from Quin’s diabetes monitoring app.

What’s Ahead Graph

See what is likely to happen to your blood glucose in the next 5 hours.

Simple Food Recording

Record food quickly and easily by taking a photo of your meals.

Insulin Phases

See when your insulin is in its strongest and weakest phases.

Insulin Notifications

Get reminders of your insulin phases throughout your day.

Constant reassurance you're on track

The Quin diabetes app provides a trusted source of information, so you know you’re making the best-informed treatment decisions throughout the day.

The What’s Ahead Graph in our diabetes mobile app becomes more personalised over time based on food and insulin records and previous blood glucose levels.

Record food with photos or by tagging your meals to see how your food choices will likely affect your blood glucose levels.

Better understand the impact of insulin on your body by seeing how insulin phases can take effect at different times.

Get notifications about your insulin phases to ensure you don’t take too much, or to remind you when it may be tailing off.

Am I eligible for the Quin diabetes app?

Quin provides personalised diabetes treatment information for people who take insulin to manage their blood glucose levels – including users of a CGM. If you match all the criteria in this checklist, then Quin is designed for you!

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1. Age

Over 18 years old

2. Country

Living in the EU or: UK, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Switzerland

3. Phone

Own an iPhone 6 or later

4. Medication

Only take insulin - and no other medication - to manage blood glucose

5. Treatment

Take multiple daily injections of insulin using either a syringe or pen

Developed with experts

Quin has been developed alongside leading clinicians including Professor Jeremy Turner, Dr. Sankalpa Neupane and Dr. Nicola Neary.