Quin: your personalised blood sugar tracking app

Quin is a free blood sugar tracking app for people with type 1 diabetes that helps with decision-making and blood glucose management.

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What does our blood glucose app do?

Quin’s free diabetes app helps you to see the impact of your food and lifestyle on your blood sugar levels. It automatically highlights trends and offers a five-hour forecast, leaving you better informed and more confident in your decision-making. As you use the app to record your food and insulin choices, it provides a more personalised, accurate picture of your unique reactions.

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What’s Ahead graph

Quin uses your data to provide a personalised five-hour blood sugar forecast.

Record blood sugar insights

Quickly review how much insulin you took after eating a specific food or carrying out specific activities, including correction doses and hypo treatments.

Simple food recording

Easily record what you’ve eaten and save your personalised carb portions for future use.

Insulin notifications

Receive push notifications when your insulin phase changes.

Insulin phases

See when the strongest and weakest phases of your insulin will be.

Plan future meals

Know how much insulin to inject based on the meals you plan to have for the day.

How does blood sugar level forecast work?

Quin uses your insulin and blood glucose data to generate an summary of your blood sugar into the future. It uses past data, including information about meals, exercise and more, to generate a clear forecast of your blood sugar over the next five hours – and the more you use it, the more accurate it becomes. Quin integrates with Apple Health, and it has been developed alongside leading clinicians, including Professor Jeremy Turner, Dr Sankalpa Neupane and Dr Nicola Neary.

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Am I eligible?

Quin is a smart, personal app for blood sugar management. If you match all the criteria in this checklist, then Quin is designed for you!

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1. Age

Over 18 years old

2. Country

Living in the EU or: UK, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Switzerland

3. Phone

Own an iPhone 6 or later

4. Medication

Only take insulin - and no other medication - to manage blood glucose

5. Treatment

Take multiple daily injections of insulin using either a syringe or pen

Some frequently asked questions from our users

Yes, there are many apps that track blood sugar, including options for both iOS and Android. Many apps, such as Quin, can integrate with your continuous glucose monitor (CGM) to offer precise, up to date blood glucose readings. Apps like Quin not only track blood sugar, they use data on your past experiences to offer personal recommendations.

Yes, to track your blood sugar on your phone, you can connect to a compatible continuous glucose monitor (CGM) using Bluetooth. This makes it easy to check your blood glucose readings, and apps such as Quin can even offer personalised recommendations in real time based on your data. iPhone users can use apps like Quin to share their blood sugar data with Apple’s first-party tracking app, Apple Health, and keep track of it over time.

Yes, the alternative to finger-prick testing is to use a continuous glucose monitor (CGM). These devices provide a constant reading of your blood glucose, and some can even transmit the data wirelessly to your phone. Users can then share this data with apps like Quin for smarter, more personalised diabetes advice.