Quin: more than a continuous glucose monitoring app

People with diabetes need to make hundreds of self-care decisions every day, and there’s no one set of rules that works for everybody. Quin is a free diabetes app designed to make those decisions easier and quicker by combining data from your continuous glucose monitor (CGM) and your past experiences to provide personalised insights into how your decisions affect your blood sugar – in the past, now and in the future.

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How is Quin different from your continuous glucose monitoring app?

Your CGM constantly measures your blood sugar levels – specifically the amount of sugar in the fluid around your body cells (your interstitial fluid). Modern CGMs can log this data automatically to a smartphone app like Apple Health. To go beyond simple tracking, you can connect a continuous glucose monitoring app to Quin via your health app, to securely share your CGM data with it for analysis.

Combined with manually logged data on what you eat and drink and how much insulin you inject, Quin creates a forecast called the “What’s Ahead Graph”. The graph shows you what’s likely to happen to your blood sugars over the next five hours. As you provide more data over time, the blood sugar tracking app becomes increasingly personal. Having this information to hand increases the speed and confidence with which daily diabetes and insulin decisions can be made.

Explore Quin’s features

The insulin tracking screen from Quin’s diabetes monitoring app.

A comprehensive timeline

See the impact your decisions had on your blood sugar in the past to understand how they may impact you in the future.

The What’s Ahead Graph

What’s likely to happen to your blood sugar levels in the next five hours based on previous readings, sugar level monitoring, what you’ve eaten and even correction doses and hypo treatments.

Spend less time logging

The continuous glucose monitoring app makes it easy to record everything at once, including planning upcoming meals and snacks, saving you time.

Blood sugar insights, unique to you

Quin learns over time, and the more you add food and insulin choices, the more personalised and precise it becomes.

Can I use Quin without a CGM?

Yes. If you use finger pricks or a continuous glucose monitoring system that doesn’t connect directly to Apple Health, you can still see blood sugar trends in Quin. The graph will show your past blood sugar readings that you input from a particular time of day. It uses the past 30 days of recordings. Watch the video to see how it works.

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Am I eligible?

If you match all the criteria in this checklist, then Quin is designed for you!

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1. Age

Over 18 years old

2. Country

Living in the EU or: UK, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Switzerland

3. Phone

Own an iPhone 6 or later

4. Medication

Only take insulin - and no other medication - to manage blood glucose

5. Treatment

Take multiple daily injections of insulin using either a syringe or pen

A continuous glucose monitoring app you can trust

Quin is a free, fully regulated medical app developed alongside leading clinicians including Professor Jeremy Turner, Dr. Sankalpa Neupane and Dr. Nicola Neary.