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What does the app do?

Do you remember how much insulin you took for your birthday cake last year? Or for that 3pm coffee 2 weeks ago? What about the last time you went to the gym and had a stable outcome?
Quin does. It analyses your current situation, it’s also plays back those past decisions.

The app gathers knowledge about you, data about your insulin decisions, and the events that may have affected them. These decisions you’ve made based on your own intuition, Quin creates a collection of them in a quantifiable way.

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Guys, the app has been invaluable to me today! I accidentally injected nearly 50% more background insulin than I usually do. Just got my notification to say the rogue dose is nearly gone and I can finally breathe a sigh of relief!

I do kind of like that you’ve flipped it to lead with the dosing part of diabetes, as opposed to other apps that lead with BG readings, which seems kind of reactive.

My favourite thing about your app is that it has something that the others don’t take into account, which is when my insulin is at its peak.

About Quin

We’re a female-founded, digital health startup.

Quin helps people with insulin-treated diabetes make the best possible self-care decisions.

Our purpose is using science, design and engineering to create new knowledge and help researchers create more personalised treatments and cures. We call it turning human experience into science.

Our founder, Isabella Degen, who lives with diabetes, drives the vision and direction of the Quin app and our research to help unlock more personalised treatment solutions for people who take insulin.

About our Team

We’re a team of problem solvers, engineers, designers and scientists who strive for excellence in everything we do.

We don’t just see the obstacles, we engineer ways around them. We are going the extra mile to channel our love for users through our work, our product and our research.

We are funded by Innovate UK and are part of the prestigious KQ Labs accelerator run by the Francis Crick Institute. They believe in us and the possibilities for the new science we aim create. And we hope you will too.