From Ayuda Heuristics to Quin Part 2

Vanessa Bolosier
Vanessa Bolosier

Our branding journey: from product to brand

Quin is more than an app. 

When thinking about our rebrand, we first thought about our product. A product is a “good, idea, method, information, object or service created as a result of a process and serves a need or satisfies a want. It has a combination of tangible and intangible attributes (benefits, features, functions, uses) that a seller offers a buyer.”

How we started the rebrand

Quin, is much more than a product. So when we carried our out series of branding workshops, we started by answering the following questions:

If Quin was a person, who would it be? what type of car, planet, destination, outfit would Quin? What personality would it have, how would it speak, what would it say?

We then looked at who we are as a company, what our values are, what we stand for, what scares us. We explored what we’re trying to offer: what our service menu is despite being a product, what are we enabling our Quinners to do. We discussed what type of medical device we want to be and ended up with very keys identifiable themes (see below). This ended up dictating what Quin is.

Who is Quin?

We imagine Quin to be a smart companion. Living with diabetes can make navigating life a lonely experience. Very few people really know about the condition and having to make hundreds of decisions a day to keep yourself going is something you largely do on your own. This is why Quin can really make a difference. Not only does our app work like a second brain – as it recalls all the past decisions you logged in the app – but it also helps you sift through and pull out the  decisions that gave you a stable outcome.

So when you have to decide how much insulin to inject, it’s no longer a case of making that decision alone. Quin can help and luckily Quin lives in your pocket (inside your phone).

Quin & co

Quin is more than just an app. We’re a collection of passionate individuals that dedicated their lives and careers to bring fresh thinking to treating diabetes. We are committed to not only infuse the fresh thinking in the diabetes ecosystem but also embrace true innovation by involving some of the greatest minds around solving a key problem no one has really mastered yet while creating an entirely new conversation around the condition.


Quin is female-founded with 88% female staff. I thought I’d say this because in the tech world that’s almost unheard of. Our team is a mix of engineers and designers, design-thinkers and business legends. We people in the team living with and without diabetes

The services offered by the product

We empower people with diabetes to live their life. They already live it but we aim to make it just a tad easier. Making decisions is one of the most difficult things in the world and we help with that. We try to offer a bit more peace of mind and support people that have been diagnosed as with type 1 diabetes.


So how does one transition from product to brand marketing? Well we decide that our product features, while in constant development, aren’t enough. We decide that the people who use it are more important. The same people will shape what the product, service and brand is. So we stopped looking at ourselves and looked at our people. Inside and outside the organisation. We also looked our competition and realised we were on the right path.

Our inspiration

We saw a mosaic! A mosaic of ages, ethnic groups and socio-economic backgrounds. We saw people who were happy with what they had but would consider trying different things, early adopters and techies. We saw men, women, mums, uncles, grand-dads. We spoke to travellers, life-hackers, high-achievers and comfort-seekers.  We engaged with golfers, runners, pizza-lovers and ice-cream lickers. We didn’t look at a definition of what branding means. We looked at what makes a good one and our approach was defined by the people we aim serve.

It’s not our brand

Branding is the process of giving a meaning to specific company, products or services by creating and shaping a brand in consumers’ minds. How can you do that if you never speak to your consumers? We believe that our consumers are experts and they know better than anyone what can improve their life immediately, even if they can’t necessarily express it. We’re intelligent, yes. We don’t only foster “book-smart” or “tech-genius” types of intelligence. We have people that learn at the school of life, are emotional masters. We also care and to care you have to love. So we love each other and share that love within our work.

Stay tuned

So as we relaunch under a new name and new image, we know we’ve embarked on a new, long journey. But we’re not alone, all our day-ones are with us and with people with diabetes in our corner failure will only but be temporary if it does occur.

Vanessa Bolosier
Vanessa Bolosier