Why People need Quin

Raj Patel
Raj Patel
We are building an app for people with insulin-treated diabetes, and if you’re thinking “not another diabetes app” –  I get it. As a fellow T1D let me share my personal view on Quin then you can decide if it’s worth your time.
I have been living with diabetes for over a decade and have been Head of Operations here for just over 1 year. I love food, travel and shopping and being part of humanising diabetes technology at Quin.
I’ve learnt a tonne – in my time here so far I have been exposed to the incredible knowledge Quin is building while using the Dexcom G6. It’s made me realise what you think you know, think again. I co-built our beta user programme with our Head of Marketing and lead the operational management of our users. As part of the beta user programme, I have direct contact with our users which is a core part of how we build our app. We pride ourselves on being human first. Every single feature we’ve ever dreamt of or built has been through rounds of testing with our users – fellow people with diabetes. I am lucky enough to test and question many features before they even get into the hands of our users.

Before and after

Before Quin, my world of diabetes consisted of very little visibility on what should be happening and when in my body. For me, this resulted in many high blood glucose readings after eating. I didn’t have a grasp on insulin timing and what this meant in the decisions I was making multiple times a day.
1 year later in a life with Quin I have clear visibility when I take insulin what should be happening and when in my body. I have had a complete mindset shift in how I think about the timing of my insulin. I have changed the time of when I inject, sometimes up to an hour before I eat and I am in the process of changing my short acting insulin to one with a quicker starting effect.
I now have a better idea of what foods affect my blood glucose the most. I knew certain foods raised my blood glucose more than others but have been surprised in what I thought I knew through using the app. My go-to take away treat, fish and chips, being the biggest surprise – my blood glucose was not rising anywhere near the level I had formed a view of.
This mindset shift is just the beginning. Since I’ve been at Quin, my Hba1c has dropped 9 mmol/mol, it’s now in a “none diabetes” range! It’s amazing news and I know this is due to the combination of Quin’s knowledge coupled with seeing my blood glucose outcomes via Dexcom.
With this new knowledge comes a steep learning curve so some days have felt draining on my mental load – it can feel like going back to school. It has been liberating to learn new things but equally frustrating to see there is such a lack of readily available knowledge for people with diabetes. I know Quin has so much valuable knowledge and on the other hand, I know the app doesn’t always make sense without the added insights I have as a member of the team. While we are currently in beta phase, our goal is to remove the mental load. We are starting to distill this incredible knowledge but it’s not there yet. We need you to help us get there!

Decided if it’s worth your time yet?

We are fundraising to fuel the launch of an app with value to thousands of people with diabetes.
You have the opportunity to invest as little as £10 for a limited time. We’re fundraising via Seedrs – invest here http://bit.ly/2ULxCWB
When investing, your capital is at risk. If you have any questions or need more convincing please email us on [email protected]
Raj Patel
Raj Patel