3 reasons to start using Quin now

Raj Patel
Raj Patel

1. You deserve an app that will evolve with you


The Quin app quietly went live in the Apple App Store on 17th June 2020. It was an incredibly proud day for us at Quin but this was only one step further on our grander journey. As the app went live, we were already working on the update for July. 

The Quin app will never be finished. We are not a hardware device or drug. Once live and in your hands, we can evolve and evolve fast. Our research and development processes enable us to respond and deliver new features in weeks. 

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This is a wonderful mindset to embrace. As diabetes and the technologies for self-management evolve, so will the experience provided by the app. As new knowledge and new science is discovered through research, the app will be updated with the latest discoveries.

All of this is achieved within the relevant regulatory frameworks and with safety at the core. We are CE marked for the UK and EU and ISO 13485 certified for the design, development, manufacture and distribution of medical device software for the management of diabetes.


2. Have your say on your biggest challenges


The continued evolution of the Quin app is driven by the understanding we gain from the lives of people with diabetes. 

We have been running a closed research programme for a couple of years and over 300 people with diabetes have helped contribute their experience, views and ideas to the development of the app.

By signing up for our research programme, you can contribute directly to research into the factors that affect diabetes. You will receive app updates a week before everyone else and closer levels of app support. You can offer your feedback and experience with diabetes through interviews with our team or short surveys. You’ll receive a quarterly report from us on everything we have learned. 


As we move through 2020, we’re also looking to expand the programme to hold exclusive community events with our research participants, hopefully out of lockdown. 

Your voice isn’t limited to direct contact with Quin. Through usage of the app, your feedback is immediate and informs us on what is and isn’t working. That feedback drives further research into diabetes and the factors which affect different groups of people. Even our non-research programme users are driving research forward.

If you would like to become a member of our research programme, complete this form and we’ll be in touch.


3. Early usage is rewarded with immediate benefits


Personalised devices require time and data to personalise. 

Understanding what is going on inside your body is challenging with a condition as complex as diabetes. As data builds up within the Quin app, a better picture is gained of the factors that affect you. Personalisation can’t be available in any app from day one. They all require persistent use.

We’ve designed features to the experience both beneficial and easy to use from your first session. We begin with non-personalised features which are useful by themselves. We evolve those and other features to become more personalised over time.  

We are investigating ways to analyse data relating to sleep and stress and menstruation. We’re considering whether external factors like temperature and weather conditions should be prioritised more highly. We’re excited by the announcement that Apple are capturing better workout information this year. 

Having your data populated in the app will mean new features just work for you. As soon as our algorithms are updated in the app, you will see the benefit immediately. New users may have to wait a number of days until we are confident in understanding their data.  

Our research programme users, some of whom have been using the Quin app for over a year, have been self-reporting some great results. 

From our February 2020 survey, 67% are spending more time in range, 75% have fewer hypos and/or hypers and, most importantly, 67% feel more confident and relaxed and find managing diabetes easier.

Download the Quin app now from the Apple App Store if you want to help move diabetes in a new direction and get in early. If not, remember the name and check out the app in a couple of months. 

We think you’ll be excited with the features we’re planning.


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Raj Patel
Raj Patel