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Super Awsesome Software Engineer

London · Full time

Quin is a 13 strong, female-founded, digital health startup building products for chronic health conditions. Our first app, which helps people with Type 1 Diabetes make decisions about their self-care, was launched in the UK last year. We’re growing our engineering team, and would love to hire at least one – and possibly two – thoughtful, creative, and experienced Software Engineers.

The Quin approach uses science, engineering, and design to build products that empower people to make better decisions and provide personalised support. This is the role where all your experience and interests could get used: your work in large-scale enterprise development, the iOS app you built, the website where you wireframed the user journey, your interest in psychology or how the human body works and your fascination for hardware and embedded systems. We love meeting the whole human, so we’re not just interested in your engineering skills!


Our new team mate will see themselves in the following;

  • You love being part of a team. You’re the kind of person who finds new ways to work (especially remotely), makes things better for everyone, loves helping others to grow and improves psychological safety and collaboration across the team. 
  • A pragmatic approach to software engineering; the needs of the user come first, technology is a means of solving a problem, and you break complex problems down into smaller stories. Underpinning all of this is a desire to get started with the simplest possible thing and build from there. 
  • You want to shape what gets built. You want to do more than just write code and you’re excited about being part of a creative, evolving Product Team that loves trying new things.
  • Comfortable working in a codebase where you’re jointly responsible for everything from the UI layer to the backend services (and everything in between!)
  • While no-one loves a list, for this role, familiarity with two or more of Java, Javascript, Clojure, Kotlin, Python and Swift would be really useful.


Our techstack;

  • Our iOS app is written in Swift and uses Realm DB for persistence. We make heavy use of HealthKit to interface with blood sugar and activity monitoring devices. Parse is our backend, with smatterings of Python for data analysis. We’ll start building for Android next, so this is going to evolve very quickly. 


Some interesting facts about us;

  • Most of the engineering team have learnt Swift since joining Quin. Our track record is hiring developers who are good at the stuff they know, but who still want to learn more of the stuff they don’t yet know. 
  • We were picked for Apple Entrepreneur Camp, Apple’s way of supporting Black and female-founded businesses in the iOS ecosystem. Since our launch last September, we are the most downloaded diabetes app in the UK & Ireland and are planning to roll the app out to the US this year.
  • Our ML work was shortlisted by The Engineer for being a great example of engineering innovation.
  • We really value creative collaboration, pragmatism, and continuously improving our processes and practices. You’ll often find us pair programming, and we find practices like TDD help us maintain a well factored codebase. 


Inclusivity and accommodations

Quin challenges conventional thinking and the received wisdom of the medical and pharmaceutical worlds. Our company values are Show Love, Find Truth and Be Excellent and we’d love to meet potential team mates who think these are good starting points for a fun and satisfying place to work. We believe the more inclusive we are as a company, the better our product will be. We take extra steps to build a balanced team and a workplace where all sorts of humans can belong. Should you need any accommodations to our recruiting process, just let us know. 



We’ve found a new office space near Liverpool Street and are planning a hybrid working model with a couple of days in the office and a couple from home. We like to build consensus and balance needs across the team. We’re unable to support 100% remote working.


Hiring Process and timeline

The first conversation will be with our recruiter and then a technical Zoom interview with a member of the team. We’ll then shortlist down to 3/4, who will spend three hours over Zoom with the team. Ideally we’d do all of these on the same day. We would like to make offers by mid-July and have people join ASAP . We have a strong preference for a maximum four week notice period. 

We’d love to hear from you! We know that imposter syndrome is real, so please do get in touch even if you don’t quite match all of the things we mention. As we are such a small team, we think we would struggle to support someone who is really early career right now as we need to maintain the team’s velocity. We will be open to earlier career applicants later in the year. Salary-wise, we have budgeted £55 – £70,000 for the role, depending on the short-term impact someone brings to the team.


You can apply by sending your CV to [email protected]


Hope to hear from you soon!