Quality Policy


Our purpose is to leverage human experience to develop new technologies and new knowledge to give power to people living with chronic conditions. To achieve this, we ensure that customer value and satisfaction are the primary motivators behind every decision. We action this belief by embedding quality, performance, safety and customer feedback into every aspect of our scientific, engineering, design and business processes.

Our Quality Management System is vital for the safety of every individual customer. Our leadership drives a continuous improve-reflect-learn framework, in which all employees actively participate, to achieve our quality objectives and identify further improvements. Our interdisciplinary team are highly skilled and trained, providing the necessary expertise for achieving our objectives.


As we grow and push for an evolution in personal healthcare, our quality processes must similarly scale and evolve. We will continue to implement all relevant medical standards and regulations and strive to surpass the necessary requirements as we aim to be an industry leader in quality management for software as a medical device.