Rethinking personalised diabetes management

Learn from your past food and insulin choices to make more informed diabetes management decisions.

Before you take insulin, check Quin

Quin helps you improve diabetes management by making more informed insulin decisions throughout your day using our mobile app.

Understand your blood glucose range

Plan your day-to-day activities better by seeing what’s likely to happen in the next 5 hours.

Get personalised information

Quin learns from your diabetes management decisions, becoming more accurate the more you use it.

Boost your everyday confidence

Learn from your treatment choices over time and be more confident to adjust your insulin to your lifestyle.

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Don't take our word for it

People have used the Quin app in their daily life for the past few months and this is what they told us.

“Taking the Quin app away would mean I’d be taking 5 steps back in my diabetes management”


“The app reassures the decisions I’m making and gives me a sense of control.”


“Since using the Quin, my Hba1c has improved dramatically. My last one was 45 mmol (6.7).”


Better health outcomes with Quin

Safety Survey, April 2021


spend more time in range or have lower HbA1c results


experience improvements in health outcomes and wellbeing


find it easier or are more confident when managing diabetes

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