The Diabetes Alphabet

Justine Yuen
Justine Yuen

Diabetes Alphabet Poster


The 14th – 20th June 2021 marks Diabetes Week here in the UK. We teamed up with Lauren, from The Covet Creative to design a poster.

  • A is for Alstrom Syndrome: an ultra-rare recessively inherited genetic condition, caused by a mutation of the ALMS1 gene.
  • B is for Banting: Frederick Banting, the co-discoverer of insulin. 
  • C is for Carb Counting: Counting insulin to carb ratios- which look different on each person with diabetes is a huge part of type 1 diabetes. 
  • D is for Diabadass: People with diabetes have to make 180 decisions a day, on top of the other layers of their life from work and personal matters! We think this makes them a Dia-badass. 
  • E is for Endocrinologist: A doctor who treats people who have endocrine gland problems such as diabetes.
  • F is for Food: Food… can’t live without it! 
  • G is for Glucagon: A hormone produced by the alpha cells in the pancreas. 
  • H is for HbA1c: Your average blood glucose (sugar) levels for the last two to three months. Please remember, you are more than your HbA1c number– it does not define you.
  • I is for Insulin: A hormone that helps the body use glucose for energy. The beta cells of the pancreas make insulin when the body cannot make enough insulin, insulin is taken by injection or through use of an insulin pump.
  • J is for Jelly Babies: A popular hypo-treat for hyperglycaemia.
  • K is for Ketones: A chemical produced when there is a shortage of insulin in the blood and the body breaks down body fat for energy. High levels of ketones can lead to diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) and coma.
  • L is for Lancet: A spring-loaded device used to prick the skin with a small needle to obtain a drop of blood for blood glucose monitoring.
  • M is for Mody: Caused by a mutation to a single gene. It is very rare, meaning people can be misdiagnosed as Type 1 Diabetes or Type 2 Diabetes.
  • N is for NIDDN: Non insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus.
  • O is for Orange Juice: One of many options as a hypo-treat for hyperglycemia.
  • P is for Pancreas: An organ that makes insulin and enzymes for digestion. The pancreas is located behind the lower part of the stomach and is about the size of a hand.
  • Q is for Quin!
  • R is for Rage Bolus: A large bolus/series of mild boluses administered to correct high blood sugar, an action that can sometimes lead to low blood sugar.
  • S is for Self Care: Looking after yourself is important, and it comes in different shapes and forms depending on what you enjoy. Examples include bubble baths, saying no, and making time for you time.
  • T is for Type (1, 2, 3c): Type 1 is when your body lacks insulin, Type 2- where your body can produce insulin (but not enough) and Type 3c is when you have no pancreas.
  • U is for Unsolicited advice: We’re talking about unwanted, unsolicited advice that is not needed.
  • V is for Vial (of insulin): The small container insulin is often stored in.
  • W is for Wolfram Syndrome: A very rare genetic disorder that affects around 1 in 770,000 of the total UK population, or 1 in 500,000 children.
  • X is for Xylitol: An alternative for sweeteners.
  • Y is for Yeast: Thrush is common in people with diabetes as high sugar levels lead to better conditions for yeast to grow.
  • Z is for Zzzz Diabetes related insomnia.

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Justine Yuen
Justine Yuen