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January 3, 2019

Position: Software Engineers, London

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Software Engineers, London

Quin is a female-founded, digital health startup in Finsbury Park.  We use science, engineering and design to help people with diabetes who take insulin make the best possible decisions about their self-care. We call it turning human experience into science.

We’re looking for the software developers, critical-thinkers, scientists, architects, engineers, leaders-of-people and simplicity-seekers who want to challenge the conventional thinking and received wisdom of the medical and pharmaceutical worlds. Our team is currently 86% #womenintech and we come from all sorts of academic and commercial backgrounds.

We are recruiting three engineers to join our engineering team. We’re making an “on device” mobile app that learns how people with diabetes do their self-care and gives them personalised advice to do it better, no matter when they need it. We’re pushing the limits of the platform so that our users can trust we’ll give them the right response, regardless of their connectivity.

Our new team mates will recognise themselves in the following
  • A track record of getting to the hard stuff; delivering the most complex functionality in the simplest way because you know it means the most to the user
  • Passionately pragmatic about languages, tools, architecture with well-developed instincts for OO design and where roles and responsibilities lie
  • More motivated to solve hard problems with excellent people than job titles or seniority
  • A desire to make a material difference to people’s lives
  • Polyglot programmers with proven algorithmic chops. You’re dangerous in at least least two programming languages (Java, JavaScript, Swift, Objective-C, Clojure, Scala, C++, Python, C etc) and if you don’t know Swift, you’re excited about getting up to speed on it, fast
  • Opinionated about software excellence. You want to work with other agile engineers who care about things like SOLID, TDD, refactoring, continuous delivery and design patterns
If you join us, you will get to
  • Write new matching algorithms and improve the performance of the existing ones. The algorithms do all of the calculations our users do in their heads (and more). The data inputs are constantly changing so our app calculates, shuffles, and prepares data so our users see only the most relevant information for their current situation.
  • Build new features for the app, and improve the existing ones
  • Continuously reduce our technical debt, factor our codebase in a more maintainable way and work out how we get the best out of the platform
  • Continuously improve our current data storage solution
  • Innovate around Apple HealthKit SDKs and medical devices as we add more data collection sensors
  • Build a  “back end” so that we can collate mine and learn from our data

Our current tech stack is

    • iOS – Swift, HealthKit, ReSwift, Realm and Firebase

Tools-wise we use

    • Bitbucket, BuddyBuild, Testflight and Xcode/AppCode

Quin challenges the conventional thinking and received wisdom of the medical and pharmaceutical worlds. We work with a massively diverse set of user needs, turning human experience into science. We believe the more inclusive we are, the better our product will be. To do that, we’ve created an environment where everyone can bring their whole selves to work, and we welcome applications from all.

If you’d like to find out more, please contact suzi@quintech.io